17 May 2021

X Food Technology International Symposium / X Symposium Internacionanl de Tecnologías Alimentarias (ONLINE 17-19 mayo 2021)

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Next May, 2021,  the National Technological Centre for the Food and Canning Industry CTC will host the 10th International Symposium on Food Technology in Murica (Spain), making the Region of Murcia the center of attention of the food technology world once again.

The new edition of this event, which is held every two years to give firms time to carry out their R&D projects, will focus on two highly relevant topics selected by the Technical Committee of the Symposium.

The aim of the Symposium is to favor state-of-the-art technology transfer for sectoral firms; to do that, important national and international technologists have been invited to participate and share their knowledge and experience with other participants and

Un total de 53 posters se presentarán a este X Symposium.  Quieres verlos ?

Una vez finalizado el Symposium se podrán descargar  en esta web las ponencias autorizadas