2ª Sesión X Symposium Internacional de Tecnologías Alimentarias. Water Technologies: iWatermap project


Tuesday, 18th May 2021. Water Technologies: iWatermap project
Chairs: Pieter de Jong and Ana Belen Morales

10:00 / 10:10 h –Welcome / Introduction

10:10 / 10:25 h — LIFE ENRICH. Enhanced Nitrogen and phosphorus Recovery from wastewater and
Integration in the value Chain.
Mª Mar Castro García. EMUASA, Spain

10:25 / 10:40 h –Inorganic, selective and low-cost removal of anionic compounds (NO3-) in polluted water and
subsequent recovery.
Ricardo Martínez Vives. Useful Wastes S.L., Spain

10:40 / 10:55 h –Process filtration; from waste to value.
Jos van Dalfsen. Wafilin Systems, Netherlands

10:55 / 11:10 h –Regenerated membranes: an opportunity for table olives production wastewater treatment. Life
SOLIEVA Project.
Sandra Meca Fàbrega. EURECAT, Spain
11:30 / 11:45 h 

11:10 / 11:30 h Break

11:30 / 11:45 h –Safe wastewater reuse: REWATER project and agreement CTNC-ESAMUR.
Sofía Martínez López. CTNC, Spain

11:45 / 12:00 h. –Turning food and agricultural waste into a resource for removing Emerging Pollutants from
wastewater. Life Clean Up Project.
Paola Fini. National Research Council CNR-IPCF, UOS Bari, Italy

12:00 / 12:15 h– Contaminants of emerging concern in reclaimed water used for agricultural purposes.
Laura Ponce Robles. CEBAS-CSIC, Spain

12:15 / 12:30 h –NEOWork, an IT platform to quantify the Water Footprint in the integrated water cycle for food,
applying Blockchain and Internet of Things technologies.
José Ángel Noguera Arnaldos. Proasistech Smart Solutions, Spain

12:30 / 12:45 h –Circular water management in the agri-food industry through innovation.
Andrés Pascual Vidal. Food for Life Spain Platform PTF4LS, Spain

12:45 / 13:00 h –Questions


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