Improved Support to Entrepreneurial Development in Rural Areas.




The background to the project is the Government’s aim to diversify the economy and reduce the country’s dependence on the oil and gas sectors by the development of the indigenous manufacturing, tourism and agricultural sectors. Concentrating the effort in the rural areas will also have the effect of slowing the population drift to the capital city, Baku, and  nvigorating the non-urban areas.


The project was launched on 8 May 2019 and will end in October 2021 (a period of 30 months). The Technical Assistance Team has just completed its first six months work.
The beneficiaries of the project are the newly-established Small & Medium Business Development Agency and Enterprise Policy Department of the Ministry of Economy the Contracting Authority is the Delegation of the European Union to Azerbaijan.


The implementing consortium is led by CTC and includes AVENSA (Romania), IKADA (Turkey) and EKVITA (Azerbaijan). The Contract Manager is Mr. Angel Martinez Sanmartin from CTC.